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Our Mission

To be Progressive and Proactive in our Approach to Healthcare. We are Dedicated to our Patients and Promise to Deliver the Highest Quality Combination of Chiropractic Care, Manual Therapy and Physical Rehabilitation Services using the Latest Advances in Research and Technology.

Our Philosophy

  • The very nature of chiropractic care is to find ways to facilitate the body’s own healing processes and cause the least amount of disruption to a patient’s lifestyle while doing so.
  • Restoring the body’s natural joint mechanics combined with a program which uses stretching to correct muscle tightness and exercises to improve muscle strength imbalances is sometimes all that is needed to rehabilitate many injuries.
  • Many conditions are often the result of overuse or poor biomechanics. Only when one addresses the underlying cause of these problems will a patient have complete and long-lasting pain relief.
  • The most important thing we can do for our patients is to teach them how to take care of themselves.

Our Goal

  • Return you to normal activities as quickly as possible
  • Create customized programs to offer the fastest solutions to pain
  • Help you regain normal strength, flexibility, and fitness
  • Coordinate care with your physician or refer you to a specialist if necessary
  • Teach you how to manage your condition on your own
  • Inform you about injury prevention techniques

Our Promise

  • We will work with your individual goals in mind whether it is short term pain relief, long term pain management, wellness care, or performance enhancement for athletic activities
  • We value your time and our time. We require 24-hour advance notice for cancellations or reschedules (fees will apply otherwise)
  • We DO NOT require all new patients to have x-rays taken, and we do not use pre and post treatment x-rays to measure progress.
  • We DO NOT have any long-term health contracts or pre-payment plans for patients to sign
  • We DO NOT believe it always takes 10, 20 or 30 treatments over the course of many months to achieve the desired results. We recognize the benefit of other treatments and will not continue to treat our patients if there is no improvement within a reasonable amount of time. Re-evaluations are typically scheduled after 8-10 sessions to assess our patients’ progress.

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