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Our Services

Our team of experts provides a variety of services all under one roof for your convenience.

Chiropractic Care

As an athlete and former competitor in Tae Kwon Do and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Dr. Park has extensive knowledge in treating sports-related injuries. He uses chiropractic care to help you get well and stay well. Read more about Chiropractic Care…

Massage Therapy

Compliment your chiropractic care with massage therapy. We offer several types of massage to provide the best care to our patients. We offer massage for relaxation and stress management as well as other types for specific conditions and target areas. Read more about Massage Therapy…


Acupuncture is based on the belief that Qi, (said “chee” like cheese) flows through channels in the body like rivers and streams across land. Specific points are activated to regulate Qi circulation in the channels and get rid of harmful influences. Read more Acupuncture…

Physical Therapy

Whether it’s post-surgical physical therapy for a torn meniscus or rotator cuff repair that you need, you can be sure Dr. Park will do his best to get you back to doing the things you enjoy most. Read more about Physical Therapy…

Our Doctors hold certifications in:


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