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Our Services. How we are different.

After over 22 years of practicing, Dr. Park has gone from working as an associate in group practices, to building a large private practice employing numerous staff, and to now operating solo in a unique way that allows him to see patients that best suits his and his patients’ needs.

More staff, high overhead, and expensive marketing campaigns means a practice has to fill it with as many patients as possible. Dr. Park has eliminated the need for any staff so he can focus on taking care of you. Everything in our practice is automated. You won’t find a front desk person, office manager, or additional support staff. Self-scheduling is simple, easy, and available 24-7 at your convenience. Billing is done online, and you can take care of payments using our secure billing platform.

We also limit the number of patients we see, so Dr. Park can spend the time he needs with his patients. You will see Dr. Park exclusively with every visit, and you won’t be passed off to an assistant, or placed in a group to do therapy with other patients. Treatments are one on one, so you get the exceptional care you deserve. Schedule an appointment and experience the difference in how care should be delivered.

Chiropractic Care

As an athlete and former competitor in Tae Kwon Do and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Dr. Park has extensive knowledge in treating sports-related injuries. He uses chiropractic care to help you get well and stay well. Read more about Chiropractic Care…

Physical Therapy

Whether it’s post-surgical physical therapy for a torn meniscus or rotator cuff repair that you need, you can be sure Dr. Park will do his best to get you back to doing the things you enjoy most. Read more about Physical Therapy…

Dr. Park holds certifications in and received specialized training in:

dry needling

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