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Acupuncture in Rockville

Acupuncturist, Young Seo Lee

Rockville Acupuncturist, Mr. Young Seo LeeMr. Lee, is a licensed acupuncturist with a diverse background and experience in treating musculoskeletal injuries as well as the whole body. He has successfully treated patients suffering from post-stroke related symptoms and other chronic ailments. Mr. Lee also has a special interest in treating sports injuries. He received his acupuncture and sports science training in Korea and later received his Masters of Science in Acupuncture at the Tai Sophia Institute in MD. Mr. Lee also holds a Master of Science in Exercise Physiology from Murray State University.

Mr. Lee believes that acupuncture can provide the means to restore health when other conventional treatments have failed. Whether it is pain management or restoring imbalances in the body, Mr. Lee can help revitalize and return you to better health with his unique treatments. He is available in our office on Tues and Thurs for appointments. You can schedule appointments by contacting him directly at or at (410) 300-2995.


What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is based on the belief that Qi, (said “chee” like cheese) flows through channels in the body like rivers and streams across land.

Every organ has a matching set of channels. Within these organ’s channels, there are specific points located where the channels are adjoining the surface. With acupuncture these points are activated to regulate Qi circulation in the channels and get rid of harmful influences.

Eastern Bridges with Western Medicine

TCM views the body as a miniature ecosystem. The body searches for improving balance by anticipating the problems. Whereas, Western medicine views the body like a machine and intervenes only after the ailment arises. However, one is not a substitute for the other. They are often complimentary to another since Western medicine can bravely rescue us and TCM can protect and preserve our daily health.

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